Social media

There are hundreds of official University and University-affiliated accounts. A selection are listed below.

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Central University accounts

  • : /theuniversityofsheffield
  • : /school/university-of-sheffield/
  • : /theuniversityofsheffield
  • : @sheffielduni
  • : @sheffielduni
  • : /sheffielduni
  • WeChat: search for Ӣлƶ´ѧ or uniofsheffield
  • : @universityofsheffield
  • : /school/university-of-sheffield/

Other University X accounts

  • Staff - 
  • Students -  (other accounts)
  • Residence Life - 
  • The University Library - 
  • Alumni - 
  • ߲ݴý University news - 
  • Students' Union - 


Our digital team monitors our central social media accounts. Accounts run from other areas of the University may not always be monitored.

We try to respond to all reasonable enquiries made via social media as soon as possible, although we cant guarantee a response to every one we receive.

Official University Facebook and X accounts are monitored 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. If you require a response outside of these hours, please refer to these contact details.

If you are concerned about your security or safety then please call the the University control room on 0114 2224085

There is also further guidance for staff on monitoring and managing social media accounts.

Using social media

We support and encourage the use of social media (social networking websites, blogs, microblogs, and other online communications) to help meet our aims and objectives.

We maintain an official presence on several popular social media services, including Facebook and X. Members of the University community also use social media to stay connected with the University, to communicate and conduct research, deliver teaching, connect with one another, communicate about University courses and events, share news and information, and announce activities and campus events.

The University is not responsible for comments or posts made by visitors to our accounts and we reserve the right to remove any content that we consider inappropriate. This includes commercial content whose primary purpose is to sell a product, a service, or other such practices, as well as content that harasses, abuses, threatens, or in any other way violates the rights of others. We also reserve the right to remove posts containing links.

When posting online, please bear in mind that your account details appear next to your comments and may be visible to other users on the sites.

Terms of service

The University upholds the terms of service standards administered by any of our social media accounts. All users are encouraged to and adhere to these.


Guidelines written by University departments advising on best practice and behaviour should also be adhered to:

These guidelines are reviewed periodically.