Support for students and scholars seeking sanctuary

We are committed to supporting students and staff who are fleeing war and persecution. We have a range of scholarships, schemes and support available and we welcome those seeking sanctuary to join our ߲ݴý community.

Ukrainian students

If you have come to the UK from Ukraine and you want to transfer to the University of ߲ݴý or apply for an undergraduate course please contact

General enquiries

For general enquiries about our work to support students and scholars seeking sanctuary, please contact

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute partnership

We've continued to develop our partnership with the National Technical University of Ukraine Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and have donated £20,000 to help to rebuild its campus air raid shelters.

Current students and staff

Support for current students

The University offers a range of wellbeing, financial and practical support for students who have been affected by war and persecution in their home country.

Support for current staff

The University has a number of resources available for current staff who are affected by the war in Ukraine or have been forced to migrate to the UK for other reasons.